christine spring photographer logoWhen did you last collaborate?

There’s strength in team.
There’s power in sharing.
Magic happens when your voice is heard.

I am super excited to share with you something magical that has happened to me this week.
A woman who I greatly admire reached out and asked if I would collaborate with her. I could only think of one response
‘Yes, Yes, Yes’ and in so doing, I repeated one of the mantras of the inspirational Carla Coulson
I said ‘Yes’ to an opportunity to collaborate and it felt great.

– “Challenge yourself and believe!” –

I believe that our greatest growth comes when we are ready to open our hearts, speak our truth and learn together.
I also believe that the Universe brings us opportunities when we are ready to receive them.

So, who was this wonderful woman? It was the herself – the lovely Paula Hagiefremidis.
I have watched her journey for a few years now and wished many times that I could work with her and maybe one day join her on a Retreat in Greece. The opportunity and timing were never right, until this week.


Paula contacted me about her new workshop that, she is offering online for the very first time (starting 5 October 2020)
and asked if I would consider collaborating on the project. Yes! Though I did think that I may just need to go and buy some dolmades, taramasalata and retsina to enjoy in the comfort of my home.
Not quite Greece, but finally a Mediterranean Wanderer Workshop –
‘Empower Your Voice – Live Your Passion’.

In Paula’s own words it’s
“For those of you who might be feeling the need for some urgent creative sustenance,
who might be feeling these last few months have battered you around a little too much,
who feel the need to connect in a group setting with other like-minded passionate people,
to exchange ideas, or re-inspire the ones that you’ve neglected,
AND especially for those of you who have felt, more than anything,
that tiny spark that’s been calling you for this urgent push to change,
I wanted to invite you to something.”

In the spirit of collaboration, I am excited to share the details of the workshop with you.
Have a look at the registration email HERE. If you’re keen to join us just use the code SPRING when you register.


I hope to see you there. Breathe. Believe.

Thanks for being curious to connect and be inspired.

Christine x