I love photography! Yes, it has enabled me to embrace my creativity and experience simple joy, but it has also challenged me – a corporate engineer –taught me patience, enabled me to truly see, and enabled me to embrace my creativity as a stepping-stone to build my courage platform and live my life ‘true to self’.

Working with my camera takes me to my “happy place”. It instils me with calm and confidence, and when I have captured an image of beauty, fills me with a feeling of pure delight! Through my camera, I have found a way to continue to connect with people, ‘Dare to Be’ and to keep pushing my commitment to courage.

I am also humbled by the fact that my camera has taught me many life lessons, none more than when I was asked by UNICEF, in 2015, to work with them on a mission to Lebanon to highlight the plight of Syrian Refugees to help tell the story of these extraordinary women and children. The people I met in Lebanon showed me what true courage is – in the worst of circumstances, they hold hope in their hearts, dare to believe in a better future, and are determined to not let go of their dreams.

You can take a look at a sample of my UNICEF and Paris portfolio below.

Whereas, a range of my Soul Beauty images can be found at (www.christinespringphotography.com) and, my current photo shoot package here.