My Creativity

Embracing my creativity transports me to a state of delight. Whether I’m with my camera capturing images, or tapping away at my computer, it is the act of creativity that brings joy to my life. Creativity is about my unique expression of how I perceive a situation or thought. It’s how I add my unique perspective and energy into the realm of the Universe. Creativity is also the avenue that I have found to serve and give back to others. It’s how I seek to make a positive impact and offer a helping hand to those who are reaching out. For me, it is the process of creating that has helped me ’see’ and appreciate my truth.
Today, creativity is integral to my soul’s journey. It’s the path I’ve found for embracing courage, committing to continued growth and connecting to my tribe of likeminded souls.
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liberating self a soul's journey written and photographs by christine spring
front cover of passion & paris book