Liberating Self

A Soul’s Journey

A life lived true to self is often the result of an incredible journey of self-discovery and courage. This journey is about confronting our egos and finding the strength to speak our truth, so that we may live with inner peace and soul freedom.

With photographs of free and soulful women, this book was published by Beatnik Publishing Ltd and celebrates personal growth and the wonderment that can occur when the soul’s wisdom is finally embraced and a choice is made to liberate self.

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Passion & Paris

A Soul’s Prerogative

Choice is the biggest freedom that we have in life. The choice of attitude, thought, and words are things that rest with us, no matter what our situation.

But, at some point, we must choose how we wish to live the rest of our life.

Passion & Paris – A Soul’s Prerogative explores the thoughts around choosing to live a bespoke life – a life true to self. It focuses on aspects of passion, purpose, people and place and the courage needed to no longer live a life of ‘should’, and instead choose one premised on love of self.

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Hope – In the hands of Fatima

In December 2015, I was asked to travel to Lebanon with UNICEF NZ and to be the mission photographer. UNICEF were wanting to highlight the plight of the Syrian Refugees and had arranged an envoy to visit the Syrian Refugee Informal Settlements in the Bekaa Valley. Accompanying UNICEF NZ CEO was Sonny Bill Williams, (a New Zealand sportsman) and TV journalist Mike McRoberts.

At first, I thought my job was to capture images of Sonny Bill, but I quickly realised it was actually to connect with the women and children and tell their stories through my images.

On returning to New Zealand I decided to crowd fund $60,000 and create a book for UNICEF, that they could use to help raise funds to support these extraordinary people. The money was raised and “Hope – In the hands of Fatima” was published. The photographs, book and resulting publicity helped UNICEF raise over $350,000. This book is my constant reminder that in the midst of devastation and catastrophic change – hold on to hope – dare to believe and never let go of your courage.