This is me.

I’m Christine, a Kiwi woman who found the courage to dare to live true to self and navigate my journey with joy and dreams come true.
Today, my heart’s delight is to work with women and empower them to re-shape their life with joy, be that through coaching, photography or both. For me, it’s about embracing the courage to ‘Dare to Be’ all that you desire to be.

Why ‘Dare to Be’? Well, it stems from the “Man in the Arena” speech by Theodore Roosevelt, and his urging to ‘dare mighty… even if checked by failure’, but it has taken shape through aligning courage to the commitment to live life ‘true to self.’ I realised, that for me ‘total joy’ and creating dreams only happens when I have embraced the courage to live my life ‘true to self’, but it took me a while to understand this.

I was raised in a small town, one of six kids, and chose to study civil engineering. My true courage journey didn’t kick off until I was 30 when I went to University in the USA and did a master’s degree in airport design. Talk about girl on fire! Passion defined day and I was energised with an A1 Attitude for life.  Happy.

Returning to New Zealand, I cracked on with adult life, but somewhere in amongst it all and over the course of a dozen years I lost all balance between ego and soul. Work was my focus, creating an airport planning business, and then spending eight years as a General Manager at two large airports. I was successful in my corporate world but, let go of my creative dreams and heart’s delights. Then tragedy struck. Sudden death. It sucks your breath away, shatters your illusions and leaves you wondering what’s it all about. Life’s cataclysmic events can force re-evaluation – bizarrely I believe that they also hold ‘silver-linings’.

In the midst of what seemed like ‘never-ending’ grief, I had the realization that I was living a ‘joyless’ existence and somehow, I found the courage to remind myself ‘one life’. I remembered a long-forgotten dream to live in Paris. I decided – NOW. I dared myself to apply to study photography at Spéos, The Institute of Photography in Paris! I had never held an SLR camera. I had no idea about shutter speed or aperture. I figured I would learn. How hard could it be? I was blissfully naïve. I dared to listen to the whispers of my soul and finally found the stepping-stones I needed to reshape my life. Application was accepted. House was sold. Job was exited. Apartment was found. Ticket was purchased. One life. I took a leap, from my courage platform and chose to fearlessly trust, once more, in me.

Paris – she taught me patience. She was gentle and showed me how to soften. I began the year defensive, fearful of people, sad and lonely. I ended my year compassionate, patient, empowered and reflective. The biggest thing I learnt from Paris is that I get to choose my attitude and how I want to live my life. I can choose to suffer, or I can choose to live with joy. Today, I choose courage as my daily path to joy and I regularly ‘dare to be’.

It’s been twelve years since my Paris revolution. During that time my camera has turned to focus on capturing portraits of people, be it the citizens of Paris, Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (working for UNICEF), or Soul Beauty images of women ( I’ve embraced the beauty of words and written “Liberating Self – A Soul’s Journey” – a book about the journey to balance ego and soul, “Passion & Paris – A Soul’s Prerogative” – a book about choosing courage and daring to live true to self, and “Hope – In the Hands of Fatima”. I’ve won an international photography competition and I’ve found great joy and balance with a new approach to my corporate career and coaching others.

I’ve focussed on balance, making dreams come true (for me and those I love and care for) and working to live daily with joy in my life. I’m happy. Paris taught me resilience and how to keep looking towards the light and holding hope in my heart. When I am struggling Paris reminds me to stand tall and commit to my truth – to never stop daring to be. The City of Paris has been a beacon of light and hope for millennia – when all else is wobbling in my life I look at an image of the Eiffel Tower and I remember to hold on, believe and breathe. ‘Dare to Be’.

Is it time for you to listen to the whisper of your soul?
Are you ready to garner courage and re-shape your life with joy?
You don’t have to stay ‘stuck in a rut’ of habit and fear. You get to choose.

Breathe. Believe. If you want to reach out – take my hand… ‘Dare to Be’. You don’t have to struggle on your own. Asking for help is actually a gesture of strength – well that is what I discovered!

My corporate credentials and experience (pre-Paris Revolution) include –

  • BE (civil), MSc Eng, MBA (yes! At 44 I chose to keep learning)
  • 12 years professional engineering consultant
  • 10 years General Manager – Strategy, Planning & Development
  • 1-year Opera House CEO

Through the creation and personal application of my ‘Dare to Be’ philosophy, I have re-shaped my life to include greater balance and joy as –

  • Author and Award-winning photographer
  • Professional Company Director – NZX and other entities
  • Executive & Courage Coach
  • Professional Speaker

If you’re curious about my corporate world you can check me out on LinkedIn.



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