Have you marvelled at the courage of other’s and wished that you could somehow grow your own courage? Do you hear the whispers of your soul and dream of one day being able to live your life ‘true to self’?

Have you ever wondered ‘Is everything all about satisfying the demands and expectations of parents and society? What about following the path of my own unique dreams and desires?’

Do you listen to the calling of your heart, of your soul? Do you wish you had the courage to define your unique self in terms of your passion and your spiritual destiny? Have you reached the point in your life that you are ready to ‘awaken’ to the needs of your soul and seek to balance them against the demands of your ego? 

Are you ready to ‘Dare to Be’? 

  • Liberated from focusing on your ego’s fears 
  • Trusting in your heart’s desires and the whispers of your soul
  • Believing in your right to live ‘true to self’
  • Breathing each breath with self-worth, self-esteem and self-love 
  • Confident in your ability to take a leap of faith
  • Knowing you are supported by your personal courage platform
  • Proud of your choices and unwavering commitment to self
  • Living life with joy and abundance
  • Delighting in your ability to make your dreams come true.

To me, it’s called ‘Liberating Self’. It’s when you’re ready to tackle the challenge of internal reflection, commit to creating new support networks and, make choices that enable you to shape your life to reflect your soul’s dreams.

If you’re hungry to change your world and grow your ability to make your dreams come true – then I’m glad you’ve found me. I would be honoured to help you navigate the art of making choices based on your self-worth and heart’s desire.

How do I know I can help you

Because I’ve already walked this path and believe that you don’t need to do it on your own. My greatest growth came when I reached out and embraced the guidance of others – embracing the wisdom of those who had walked this journey ahead of me. Now it’s my turn to reach out and help those who are journeying behind me.  

It took me 40 years to realise that my soul was ‘suffocating’ and that I had to find the courage to change my reality, if I wanted to breathe life into my authentic self and commit to living the rest of my life true to self – in both my personal and professional worlds. It was internal work, reflection and real-life challenges that helped me identify my unique network of stepping-stones and see how to inter-link them to create my personal courage platform. 

In the midst of never-ending grief (yes divorce, sudden death, redundancy and relocation each impacted my emotional world), I had the realization that I was living a ‘joyless’ existence and somehow, I found the courage to remind myself ‘one life’. I remembered a long-forgotten dream to live in Paris. I decided – NOW – and dared to listen to the whisper of my soul.  The biggest thing I learnt from Paris is that I get to choose my attitude and how I want to live my life. I can choose to suffer, or I can choose to live with joy. Choosing to re-shape my life and create my dreams liberated me and enabled me to finally let go of all the old baggage that was no longer serving my life purpose. 

Today, I continue to choose courage as my daily path to joy and I regularly ‘dare to be’ both in my personal and professional life. I focus on balance, making dreams come true (for me and those I love and care for) and working to live daily with joy in my life. I’m committed to serving others and sharing my learnings. I’m happy, and I believe in magic! Because as Goethe said

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that,
you can make anything happen.”

Is it time for you to listen to the whisper of your soul? Are you ready to garner courage and re-shape your life with joy? You don’t have to stay ‘stuck in a rut’ of habit, fear and ‘should’. You get to choose. Never stop believing that change and joy are possible in your personal and professional life.

Why choose the ‘Dare to Be’ program?

‘Dare to Be’ is a unique program that I have developed to help champion your soul courage. It’s how I guide you to recognise your unique network of stepping-stones, realise how you can inter-link them to create your personal courage platform and, re-shape your life with joy and abundance. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking to re-shape your personal or professional life, in either instance garnering your courage will enable you to- Believe. Breathe. Dare to Be.


What’s included?

Part 1 – Where I am

– Audit of your current reality – personal and professional
– Investigating your life experience – highs and lows – identifying your repeats
– Naming your ‘shoulds’ and fears
– Investigating your current values
– Clarifying your instinctive responses and learned behaviours

Part 2 – What I want

– Understanding what your soul believes is ‘true to self’ for you
– Reflecting on your joy metrics
– Voicing the whispers of your soul
– Defining your wildest dreams – personal and professional

Part 3 – Dream Me

– Embracing self-worth, self-esteem and self-love
– Defining trust and faith – how to believe
– Identifying what ‘happy’ and ‘success’ mean to you
– Balancing ego demands and soul desires
– Embracing ‘thanks’ and ‘sorry’
– The wonderment of ‘letting go’

Part 4 – Dare to Be

– Connecting to the power of intention
– Declaring your self-belief and resilience tools
– Defining your ‘Art of the Possible’
– Identification of your unique stepping-stones network
– Creation of your personal courage platform

Why is ‘Dare to Be’ right for you?

– Your soul is suffocating
– Your voice is silenced
– You look at others and think ‘I wish?’
– Your choices are premised on ‘shoulds’
– You look at each day as a burden
– You’ve lost joy and smiling is rare
– You feel directionless
– You want to change your career
– You want that promotion
– You sick of hiding your inner truth
– You’ve let go of your passions
– Your purpose in life is lost
– You feel you’re in the wrong place
– No one around you inspires you
– You wish you had the courage to change your world!

Investment includes

Christine’s ‘Dare to Be’ Stepping-Stones PLUS 18 live 1-on-1 sessions consisting of:

A 2-hour intensive introductory call
And 17 weekly 1-hour calls
(Plus, unlimited access to the recordings of these calls)

The weekly network-building sessions will include guidance on the journey to create your personal courage platform and also make use of activities, reading lists and information for reflection as you tackle your challenge to ‘Dare to Be’.

4 months program, pay in full at $4500 USD

A Payment Program with a deposit of $1500 USD up front and
3 monthly instalments of $1000 USD