My name is Christine Spring and I am committed to championing the courage to live a life true to self.

‘True to self’ – what does that mean to you? If I asked, what would you say? I have come to realise that for me this means living a life premised on passion and with purpose, in a place that soothes my soul and surrounded by people that love and support me.

It shouldn’t be that hard surely to live true to self, but actually I have found that it’s not so easy. Things like ‘duty’ and ‘obligation’ can veer us from the path of our soul’s desire. How often have you been told what you ‘should’ do? Then there is the wily ego. It can get involved and dangle issues of fear in front of us. Questions of safety and security often the ego’s go to topics to halt our actions and change our choices, all premised on influencing our perception of self-worth and self-esteem. Don’t get ahead of yourself! I mean, seriously.

Dare to dream

We go to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic, but it seems courage and resilience more often grow via life’s challenges and experiences. If we are not fortunate enough as children to be nurtured in the mastery of self-worth and self-esteem it can take decades of soul bruising to grow the courage to dare to speak your truth.

Ultimately, there comes a catalyst, that moment of realistation – this is your one life. It is now or never. The whisper of the soul can no longer be silenced. It is time to embrace courage and liberate yourself. It is time to speak your truth. Enough, already!

But after the words have been spoken and changes made, where to from there? Is it enough to just speak once? I have found that the answer to that question is a resounding “NO”! It is just when the work of living true to self begins. The journey of creating your dreams into reality has just begun. For me, it was when I decided to become all I was capable of being.


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