I’m a woman who champions soul courage

I’m Christine, thanks for being curious about my journey and my desire to help people – Dare to Be.

I believe life is magic, deserves to be lived with joy and, no matter what our age or circumstance we can choose to shape our life to reflect our soul’s dreams. It’s what’s motivated me for the past ten years to champion the courage to live true to self

Through my executive coaching, workshops, books and photography I have helped many people face fear, embrace change and re-orientate their ‘soul journey’.  Truly, I believe that magic happens when we find the courage to let go of self-imposed boundaries and ‘Dare to Be’. 

To me, its about learning the art of making choices based on your self-worth and heart’s desire. If you’re hungry to change your world and grow your ability to make your dreams come true, but are struggling to see how – why not reach out and connect? I’d be delighted to see how I might be able to help you navigate your way forward. One life – Dare to Be.

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